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Technology & Gaming: Big Hits at Occupational Therapy Conference

Ashana debuted the DynaWheel earlier this month in New Orleans, at the annual conference hosted by The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).

As therapists and industry professionals flowed through the expo hall Ashesh Patel, Founder & CEO of Ashana Health, provided interactive demonstrations of the DynaWheel and DynaWheel, Jr. - the first video game-based therapy devices from Ashana that enhance therapy for a myriad of conditions including stroke, arthritis, autism, upper body injuries and more.

Ashana presented the DynaWheel in live demos over the 3 days and 40+ Occupational Therapists agreed to join the pilot program."Overall great experience. To receive positive feedback and excitement around our platform from OTs across various disciplines was truly encouraging" said CEO, Patel.

The DynaWheel caught the attention of many professionals in the field, including that of OT Karen Keptner, Ph.D. “The DynaWheel has the potential to keep clients engaged and motivated in the rehab process by providing an alternative to traditional exercise. The therapist benefits by getting real-time feedback on the client’s progress and participation to plan more relevant services.”

Ian Galperin of NYC Department of Education pointed out the good that Ashana can do for pediatric rehabilitation.

“As an Occupational Therapist working with children on the spectrum, it can be hard to find therapeutic activities/equipment that both engages and challenges at the same time, all while building up integral visuomotor skills. I foresee the DynaWheel being the perfect therapeutic solution”.

Technology + Gaming were themes at AOTA. One story that made headlines earlier this year with its very touching Super Bowl commercial, is the Xbox Adaptive Controller that helps users with limited mobility use the system. MindMotion PRO is using virtual environment based technology to encourage and motivate patients. FitMi is an at-home gamified system that assists in neurorehab, helping patients learn to walk and use their affected side again. Tyromotion offers a fun spread of rehabilitative games for every age and a variety of conditions. Technology and Innovation in rehabilitation have the ability to transform the treatment process and positively impact lives.

We thank AOTA for having us and every person who came by the booth to check out the DynaWheel. We’re looking forward to fully launching the products this year and taking this innovative step to enhancing the rehabilitation process.

Please reach out to us if you’re interested in learning more!

info@ashanahealth.com | 908-659-8816

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