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Top 16 Rehabilitation Therapists You Should Be Following

How do you keep up with the latest as a therapist? There's not enough time to read the countless articles and reviews that come out every day, while also working and managing a personal life. More and more rehabilitation therapists are going to Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms to stay up to date on treatment and get new ideas to engage patients. But who is worth a follow and won’t clutter up your feed with useless posts? We’ve compiled the top users that provide clear resources, information, and thought leadership.

Integrated Learning Strategies Instagram | Facebook | Website ILS serves as a learning center for parenting and teaching kids with learning disabilities, autism, SPD, ADHD, and more. They share great information about pediatric conditions, solutions, and activities.

Rachel COTA Instagram | Website | Podcast Rachel and her mother run The Sensory Project. They make fashionable weighted vests, blankets, and more, while also running an educational newsletter. Weighted clothes have been a standard for helping kids self regulate their sensory needs, but have suffered from outdated styles.

Aoife Costello OT Instagram | Facebook | Website Costello manages Occupational Therapy ABC, a monthly box full of occupational therapy products. The OT box focuses on developing and improving children's functional skills. She also shares lots of tips, activities, and knowledge about parenting and therapy.

Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L LinkedIn | Instagram | Pinterest | Website Seniors Flourish is run by Mandy Chamberlain, a subscription membership site focused on promoting and enhancing geriatric occupational therapy. Seniors Flourish helps occupational therapists stay up to date on treatment interventions, research, evidence, patient conditions, and lots more. Better yet, Mandy’s instagram and Pinterest accounts are filled to the brim with great ideas.

Cheryl Hall OT LinkedIn | Instagram | Pinterest | Website Cheryl Hall has created the Occupational Therapy Toolkit, a comprehensive collection of illustrated patient education handouts. The OT Toolkit is split into 97 treatment guides for geriatrics, physical disabilities, and chronic conditions.

Bill Wong OTD, OTR/L Twitter | Facebook Bill Wong has spoken at AOTA, TEDx, and more. He has publicly shared about being autistic and learning to embrace himself. On Twitter, he educates others on occupational therapy for autism and keeps followers updated on where his next speaking gigs will be.

OTalk Twitter | Website Run by → Helen, Gilly, Clarissa, Kelly M, Rachel Booth, Kirstie, Carolina Cordero OTalk runs occupational therapy themed chats, every Tuesday at 8pm GMT. If you can't catch them while it runs, don't worry - there's a full transcript of what goes down weekly. Past topics have included safeguarding issues and age appropriate occupations.

Francisco Maia, DPT, CCRT Instagram | Website Dogs need rehabilitation too! TheK9PT focuses on helping senior dogs maintain and better their lives without the need for pain medication. Many pets don't do well on car rides, and there can be many other scheduling issues. TheK9PT does home visits, to best help animals recover. For fans of Dog Instagram - this is a great follow!

Allison Fors, SLP Instagram | Website When Allison Fors began her role as a speech and language therapist, she realized that most materials she was given weren't effective. She adjusted her teaching to each child's learning style, and created her own website for speech therapy resources. She also shares learning materials, resources, and activity toys.

Beth Dolar, SLP LinkedIn | Pinterest | Website Beth Dolar is a certified speech language pathologist. She has founded Speech Spark and Speech Therapy Connect which help with speech therapy and connect patients with speech therapists, respectively. She has shared many resources and tips about various conditions that require speech recovery and therapy.

The Informed SLP Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website Run by Meredith Harold, PhD, CCC-SLP & Team, The Informed SLP is made to help speech-language pathologists stay up to date with the latest research with easily digestible article reviews written in a friendly, realistic, and efficient manner.

Nick Hannah, PT LinkedIn | Instagram Nick Hannah shares well-made graphics that break down crucial information that clinicians and clients need to hear. His Instagram is filled with a goldmine of facts and lessons to help the spread of best practices in physical therapy.

Molly Parker, DPT LinkedIn | Instagram | Website A specialist in concussion injuries, Molly Parker has personally experienced the effects and aftermath of Post Concussion Syndrome for several years. Her goal? Teach everyone about concussions, from patients to providers, so that standard quality care can be given with ease.

Josh and Miranda, CHT

Instagram | Website

Hand Therapy Academy is run by these two certified hand therapists, who are serious about making education around hand therapy fun, helpful, and personalized. With extensive resources and handouts, supplemented with blog posts, their content is informative and fresh.

Karen Litzy, DPT

LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter | Website Karen Litzy hosts the Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart podcast and is a member of APTA. She provides great information and resources for therapists to keep in mind while treating patients, such as how to approach the topic of pain.

Neuro Ortho Based Approach Instagram | Facebook NOBA’s goal is to blend neuroscience into musculoskeletal rehab to help orthopedic practices. Providing complex information in a straightforward manner, NOBA helps you keep the nervous system in mind during rehabilitation.

Of course, these are only a drop in the ocean of social media thought leaders! The rehabilitation scene on all social media platforms is constantly innovating and changing. There are so many more users out there sharing amazing content and transforming the industry, one post at a time. Know other rehabilitation therapists who are sharing amazing content? Let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll consider them for inclusion in our next article!

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