Finally, a simple solution to recovery.

Effective and fun digital games for a more enjoyable recovery.

Recover with us.

Recovery has never been as accessible or entertaining. DynaWheel games are engaging and encouraging on your path to recovery. 

Our digital games target the upper body for improved range of motion, strength, and overall mobility. Rehabilitation doesn't have to be a tedious affair.

The DynaWheel

8 inch LED display

Ergonometric handles for gameplay

Adjustable resistive weight knobs

Ashana App

  • Full game library
  • Interactive exercise references
  • Daily recovery plan
  • Statistics and progress
  • Communication between patient and provider

Gamified device for a fun and engaging recovery.

What if therapy solutions could fit your lifestyle?

In-Home Accessible 
Assistive Devices

Recovery with Ashana


Save on recovery with our affordable pricing options.


Choose from a variety of games to keep you engaged throughout the entire recovery process.


Experience increased mobility, range of motion and strength throughout your entire upper body.

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Ashana aspires to be a leading provider in rehabilitation products by developing devices and solutions to make the recovery process simpler and motivating for both patients and providers.


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