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Frequently asked questions

What is the DynaWheel?

The DynaWheel is multi functional exercise tool which incorporates a digital element to assist patients through the rehabilitation process, while providing biofeedback to providers to aid in tracking progress.

Who is the DynaWheel for?

The DynaWheel can be used to supplement treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries, Arthritis, Concussions and Upper body injuries. Exercises are designed to assist with cognitiion, range of motion and strengthening. Are you a provider? Are you a patient?

When will the DynaWheel be available to purchase?

We are working hard to develop a proven state of the art rehabilitation product. We are targeting a launch in Q4 2019. Fill out the newsletter form at the bottom of the page to receive the most up-to-date information.

Do the games come with the DynaWheel?

Yes, all games and the Ashana App come with the DynaWheel. Simply go into the app and find the various categories of games. Pick desired game and start exercising!


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